Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

1. Applicability and definitions

These general terms and conditions apply when you, as a consumer ("Customer"), order goods from Coor Service Management AB's org. 556084-6783 ("Coor"), webshop.
Scope and any particular terms specified on the order as well as in the order confirmation ("the Agreement") and these general terms and conditions form an integral part of the Agreement.
The customer is covered by the consumer purchase law (1990: 932). These terms and conditions relate to and complement the consumer purchase law, and should conflict arise, the consumer purchase law will prevail over the Agreement.

2. Order, price and payment

In our webshop, consumers can order goods online and pay with VISA or Mastercard. All prices include VAT.

3. Delivery and transportation

Delivery of goods is considered to have taken place when you as a consumer have picked up your order at the place of delivery. Extradition occurs only at the location specified in the order (information contained in the specified order confirmation) and within the restaurant's opening hours (according to information on the website). Delivery takes place as a personal pickup and delivery time may vary depending on the chosen payment method and type of goods, as stated at the time of order and order confirmation.

4. Documentation and guidance

Products with product descriptions or instructions for use in addition to the information specified in the webshop are included in the delivery of the product. If you would like further information or advice regarding your purchase, this is for guidance only. Coor Service Management AB guarantees that products comply with CE marking requirements.

5. Return Policy

You as a consumer have a right of withdrawal according to the provisions of the Act (2005: 59) on distance agreement and off business premises agreement (http://www.riksdagen.se/sv/dokument-lagar/dokument/svensk-forfattningssamlinglag-200559-om-distansavtal-och agreements-utanfor_sfs-2005-59 agreements-utanfor_sfs-2005-59). Note that the right of withdrawal does not apply to goods that rapidly deteriorate, or limited durability or because of requirements on food hygiene must be kept in a certain way, such as fresh foods, frozen and chilled foods.

6. Complaints

The risk of goods is transferred to you as a consumer at the time of delivery. [If the goods are not collected at the agreed time of delivery, the responsibility for the goods transfer to you as a consumer when the agreed pick up time has elapsed.] Any errors or defects of the goods shall be dealt with within a reasonable time after the defect has been discovered or should have been discovered. As a consumer, you must clearly describe the error or the defect. If a fault or flaw is detected, please contact your delivery center immediately. For goods with short or limited durability, your warranty is limited by the durability period specified or expected to be due. Complaints are made in the same place where extradition took place.

7. Applicable law and dispute resolution

Swedish law applies to the agreement between you as a consumer and Coor. Dispute in the interpretation or application of the agreement shall be settled by the Swedish General Court.
In the case a dispute with Coor arises, you as a consumer have the opportunity to contact the General Complaints Board (ARN), which is a committee for alternative dispute resolution. Address: Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm, www.arn.se. A notification to the board must be in writing. For the committee to review the case, there are certain value and time limits.